Jean can provide and operate a high quality PA system for your event.

Please note: PA / sound equipment can only be hired with Jean onboard as sound engineer. Equipment can’t be hired separately. This ensures that the sound is of a high standard rather than left to someone who doesn’t know how PA works at its best.

Most suited to, acoustic/folk/light classical music ensembles/soloists, speeches, after dinner speaking where the sound needs clarity and intelligibility rather than ‘loudness’.

With some extra planning, your live performance can be recorded to stereo two track, edited in post production and mastered to an audio CD.

Sound system PA hire suitable for an audience / gathering of up to 130.

Seated audiences only.

Ayrshire events only.

... PA / live sound

Below is a list of some of the music equipment available. Items are not hired individually. If you enquire about PA hire or sound reinforcement, Jean will work out what you need and give an all inclusive price rather than itemise mics, cables, speakers, mixers, effects etc. which can end up with all sorts of hidden costs...

Music equipment


Presonus Studolive 16 channel (superb mixer with effects/compression/eq on every channel)

Soundcraft LX7ii (24 channel analogue) a more ‘traditional’ mixer

Allen & Heath ZED 10FX (small 10 channel mixer)


Bose L1s with bass bins (x2) powered/active

Electrovoice sxa 360s (x2) with 1 sub 760A powered/active


shure sm58s, Rode NT5s stereo pair, Sennheiser stage condenser, Sennheiser radio lapel mic

Stands, DI boxes, quality cables, Wharfedale wedge monitoring

Yamaha P150 stage piano

A few stage lights as well including:

Par can 56 (x4)

Led coloured lighting (x4)

Slimpar 64 led (x2)

Example of cost:

High quality compact PA system hire for one/two/three performers:

Suited to small intimate music performances of up to three musicians (not suitable for amplifying a drum kit)


small format Allen & Heath ZED 10FX mixer (mixer includes reverb effects).

1 Bose L1 with 2 bass bins

3 sm58 switched microphones

4 floor mounted led parcan 64 wash lights

appropriate cabling

mic stands

£90 including setup and engineering (local gig finishing before 10.30pm)

Perfect for audience size of 40 - 80.


recording studio

solo piano

other services

prices & contact

PA hire Ayrshire only.

Nicolsound PA / Live Sound

... this service unavailable at the moment.     Sound equipment is on long term hire.