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Jean has a large back catalogue of music arrangements from full orchestral pieces, string quartets, piano/vocal arrangements, pop arrangements, backing tracks and ‘one offs’: arrangements specifically created for one artist.

What is arranging?

Basically an arranger adapts a piece of music and contributes a new feel to it. Which could involve changing the harmonic structure, adding interest to the piece with different instruments and giving a piece/song a stylish makeover.

Here’s an example:

“You are a singer. You like to sing folk songs, but all you have are the melody / words and / or a very basic piano chordal accompaniment which is repeated for each verse. You would like the accompaniment to be more interesting but you don’t know how to make that happen.”

That’s what an arranger does. The arranger makes your version of a song unique.

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You can purchase Jean Nicolson’s contemporary arrangements of the songs of Robert Burns for voice and piano as sheet music downloads at www.musicaneo.com


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Music transcription Scotland

You have a recording of a piece of music but can’t find the sheet music for it. Jean will listen to the recording and ‘write it down’ for you.

Or, you may need your own composition transcribed to facilitate communication with other musicians. Again, Jean will listen to your piece as you sing/play it and notate it for you.

This can be in a ‘melody with chords’ format or as a sophisticated music score.

See scores below ...


Free sheet music ‘Love came down at Christmas’ new melody and voice/piano arrangement Jean Nicolson.

Love came down at Christmas Jean Nicolson.pdf Love came down at Christmas.mp3

Click the icon to hear ‘Love came down at Christmas’ (excerpt is fiddle and piano)

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Linda Sommerville mezzo soprano

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Please note that listening to an audio recording of a piece of music and creating a music score from it is a two stage process. Stage one is listening to the piece, picking out each individual part by ear, working out the notes, harmony, chords and rhythm and usually involves putting pencil to paper to produce a handwritten version of the piece first. Then stage two is the process of creating the actual score itself within the computer software. This can be a very lengthy process insomuch as even a short 2-3 minute piece of music can take several hours to complete dependent on the complexity of the original piece.

Producing a music score from a handwritten manuscript or midi file is much more time friendly.


Backing tracks come under the same umbrella as arranging, but backing tracks tend more to ‘mimic’ the backing of an already known version of a song.

Jean can produce a backing track for you, but would recommend that you try to source any backing track online first as the standard of backing tracks on the web is now high.

If, however the song is less well known, then that may not be possible in which case, Jean will listen to the song and create a backing track for you.

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Music transcription service in Scotland

If you’ve followed a link to find the sheet music for the song The Wild Mountainside, please email Jean at info@nicolsound.co.uk to request a free copy.

Also available on request Auld Lang Syne sheet music (alternative melody)

Auld lang syne sample mp3.mp3

Sound sample Auld Lang Syne (click the icon)

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Download sheet music online

The Learig by Robert Burns arranged by Jean Nicolson.pdf

Free music scores:

Free sheet music ‘The Learig’ by Robert Burns arranged for voice and piano by Jean Nicolson. Click the icon to open.

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